DavidDavid Rawsthorne is a Lithgow based photographer specalising in low-light, outdoor and motorsport photography.

Beginning as a young child, David started with small hand held 35mm, 110 and even Kodac Disc cameras, eventually purchasing a 35mm Canon SLR at age 19. It was at this time his interest in photography really increased, and he became the unofficial family photographer for most outings, and this only helped to further his skills in low-light situations.

In 2000 digital cameras became affordable, but it was not until 2009 that David bought into the DSLR range, this time choosing a Nikon camera over Canon's, and has owned 5 Nikon cameras since then, currently shooting both full frame and crop sensor cameras depending on the particular need of the image.

David prefers to shoot many of the low-light photo shoots using just natural and available light, using flash or other lighting sources only as a last resort. Modern DSLR cameras do handle low-light situations extremely well, so require very little post-processing to really get the most out of the image.